Cross Platform Design

The Ai Care App is usable on wide range of devices. It works on desktop computers supporting MacOS, Linux and Windows, as well on Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS and Windows).

PROM and Screening

Ai Care supports all types of information input such as checkboxes, sliders, buttons and free text, as well as images, videos or audio messages. Live or as an attachment ...

The survey can be interrupted at any time, saved and resumed later without losing the already edited content. Granted, this is nothing exciting in 2019 ;-) But the patient is offered even more and better than that.

Natural Communication

A highlight of Ai Care is its simple and direct communication with the patient using everyday language - the way we communicate with each other in our daily life. It is understandable for all patient groups independent of their IT experience level.

Cognitive tests

Cognitive tests for text memory, videos, memory functions with countdown timers, audio and text resolution exist and can be modified or engineered for your specific needs.

Vital Signs

Automatic data transfer is available from smart devices and different specialized sensors. And of course, the data can be entered manually in the absence of smart devices and sensors.

Personal Touch

Ai Care shows which person from the medical team initiates the action, what the action is for, why it happens, if it is a recommendation or requirement and what follow-up should occur.

Patient Education

Instructions and reminders are available in every possible way as text, audio, film and imaging  content.  It allows automated but personalized monitoring, providing the patient and medical teams a great way to follow up after surgeries, treatments and physical therapies.

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