Reaching patients outside the clinic

Ai Care can be used for a wide range of scenarios.

The simplest scenario is a screening or PROM just inside the clinic. In these cases, just the internal Ai Care server and several mobile devices or kiosks need to be installed.

However, if the goal is continuous monitoring and support of the patients outside of the clinic there is a rising question of data security, the content delivery mechanism, and their standardizations. Due to these concerns, we provide an additional data delivery module called “Blue Mountains”. The Blue Mountains module is a temporary Data-HUB, which is highly secure, contains no personal data and keeps the monitoring data solely for the duration of the PROM or PE process. It is responsible for: delivering content to the patient; maintaining a tracking number for the duration of the monitoring;  obtaining the response data from the patient; delivering the data back to the clinic; and, immediately wiping all data from the Blue Mountains -Sever after delivery confirmation.

By the way, the usage of Blue Mountains doesn’t add any cost in most cases.

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